Most of our pictures are beauties that need to be exposed to others to see and appreciate. They are necessary to be placed at points where a lot of other people can have access to and view them comfortably.

Placing these pictures at those places require some essential tools that are meant to keep them steady at those spots without any problems of falling off or shifting from their original positions. This is where professional picture hangers come in.

Apparently, hanging of pictures in public spots often seem like it's no big deal but eventually turn out to be an even bigger deal when the right tools are disregarded.

An angle nail or any other tool like it can hold up a picture, but then, there are greater chances of failure because that is not what they are designed for. To get the best out of your efforts in hanging a picture, you will have to look out for the proper picture hanger that is designed and engineered to hang pictures or art. The importance of seeking out the right tools can never be overemphasized. The risks associated with using the wrong tools could involve slipping and falling of the picture which may in the end crack or at worst shatter the picture.

A good picture hanger must have the requirements needed for it to be able to do a good and long lasting job of holding up pictures wherever they are hung.

These qualities include having a good contact with the wall where they are placed and being able to secure the picture wire firmly to its hook.

Having a good contact with the wall where they are pinned is the first quality a good picture hanger should possess. This is to avoid cases of slipping away from the walls where they are placed which are undoubtedly disastrous for whatever picture that is hung on them. You would have to ensure that they have a firm grip on the wall. There should be little or no room at all for the nail fastening to the wall to wiggle. That is not good.

Then the second essential ingredient is the hanger being able to secure the picture wire it's hook firmly. This is another factor that has to be significantly considered. Ordinary nails may be able to hold the wire up but for how long?

The smooth surface of nails creates, even more, an avenue for the wire to slip away. The picture wire needs to be hooked, and that is why you need a picture hanger for that purpose.

In the course of picking a professional picture hanger, you have to check correctly, the weight of your picture and the perfect hanger for that particular weight. Overloading a hanger is a bad idea, and in the end, you may end up with a fallen and shattered picture, a cracked wall and heartache at losing that fantastic picture.

So choose the right picture hanger that will leave your pictures up on the wall for as long as you want.